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occult writer & researcher


Hello! I'm an occult writer, researcher and practitioner of peatbog folk magic. I live on a small croft in the Shetland Islands, a subarctic archipelago between Scotland and Norway. My first book, Muses No More: Portraits of Occult Women is forthcoming with Hexen Press. I've written for a range of publications including Folklore for Resistance, Sabat Magazine, Rituals & Declarations, Cunning Folk Magazine, Doggerland, Fire & Knives, and Reframing Immersive Theatre (Palgrave Macmillan). I am particularly interested in queer, feminist explorations of magical history, as well as the fine line between magic and madness.

I am a former member of FoolishPeople, creators of ritual film, theatre, and books, and a mentee of the late Buddhist teacher Michael Stone. With my partner Belladonna Paloma I run the online ritual supply store Church of Squirt.

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