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Snail Mail Card Readings


Using the tools of scrying, collaborative dreaming and automatic writing, I will communicate the cards' messages to you without editing. This way of working is fluid, meditative & often surprising. Handwritten readings, typically featuring around ten cards, give me the time to go deep into their landscapes, both psychologically & symbolically, as well as producing a detailed document which you can mull over and return to at your leisure.

I combine my studies of the dharma, occult, seership, folk magic & psychoanalysis in a reading style that is intuitive, practical & compassionate.


Readings can be conducted for matters both mundane & magical.

Booking Information

Send me an email to book: Full Snail Mail Card Readings previously cost £145 but in the spirit of dana (generosity) are now by donation. One card readings are also available for simpler matters. You can read some client testimonials below.


Icy Sedgwick
Host of Fabulous Folklore Podcast

"A good tarot reading shouldn't just provide guidance to answer your question, it should also give you something to think about, to ponder, and to plant in your subconscious, ready to see what grows later on. Ùna's tarot readings do exactly that, blending an interpretation with the cards based on the context of your question with recommendations and messages that answer the question you ACTUALLY asked, even if you didn't realise it at the time. Truly transformational—and I don't say that lightly. Treat yourself to a reading and get the true clarity you deserve."


Sasha Ravitch
Pioneer of Stellar Witchcraft

"A truly skilled & prodigious diviner -- was incredibly impressed about how she got out of the way of her own reading so that she could deliver such a profoundly medicinal & resonant message".


Sally Huband
Author of Sea Bean

"Ùna’s reading was full of care and compassion and steadied me at a time of upheaval. I found it invaluable to have such a skilled tarot reader help me towards clarity of bodymind when I was too overwhelmed to read cards myself. I really admire Ùna’s tarot practice, it is very accomplished. Her reading was detailed and deeply grounding, she is a natural storytelling guide. I would very much recommend seeking a tarot reading from her."    

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